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AQUAGO is a professional team which implements solutions for the management and the restoration of aquatic environments.

With more than 15 years experience on waterbodies worldwide, the AQUAGO team will provide you the most efficient solutions, depending on your specific problem, and will carry out them for you.





The AQUAGO team consists of technicians and engineers in hydrobiology as well as specialists of submarine works. What they have in common : the passion for their job.

Integrating and developing the most recent innovations regarding ecological engineering, the AQUAGO team works on national research projects (Universities of Rennes, Boulogne and Lille, the IFREMER institute), as well than on international ones (Southern Institute of Water Resources Research in Vietnam)

AQUAGO has been awarded :

• 2008 : INPI inovation regional prize-winner
• Trophy of environmental performance

• June 2010 : CD2E Eco-innovation prize

• June 2010 : AQUAPRIS "Inn'Eau'Vation" Trophy 
• may 2014 HYDROGAIA trade fair trophy




The AQUAGO solutions are certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, MASE by the LLOYD’S REGISTER.
Our objectives :

• No accidents
• Average customer satisfaction : 9/10



TECH SUB (www.techsub.com)




Parent company of AQUAGO, TECH SUB is a french company specialized in underwater, and limited-access jobs. TECH SUB takes action in every natural, artificial or polluted aquatic environment, with a perfect control on the HSE.


TECH SUB works daily to prevent accidental pollutions, to repair retention basins without emptying them in the natural environment, to improve the quality of discharges, to extract and to value polluted sludges.


RESEAU Environnement (www.reseauenvironnement.fr)
Member of the "RESEAU Environnement" cluster : AQUAGO works with engineering consulting firm and companies on technical and commercial development projects.

REZOPLUS CITY (http://www.rezo-plus.com/nos-services/rezo-city/)
An offer of SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise) for a sustainable city.



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