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Preserve your waterbodies and enhance your wastewater treatment lagoons

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Technical specifications :

Building materials : stainless steel, anodized aluminum
Floats : HDPE
Propeller : stainless steel
Propeller shaft : No greasing required
Motor : thermal protection
Solar panels : 6 solar panels with waterproof connectors
Solar panels performance warranty : 20 years
Converter : electronic system protected in sealed case
Emergency power shutdown
Warranty : 2 years
Size : mixing unit : 150 cm diameter, 130 cm heignt. Photovoltaic device : 340x275x60 cm
Weight : mixing unit : 60 kg. Photovoltaic device : 125 kg




















The Submix can be powered by solar panels, batteries or connection to the grid. It will fit within your constraints !

Its adaptability is an asset for your waterbodies or sewage lagoons purification.

Designed for :

• eutrophicated waterbodies (algal blooms, fish kills, bad smells).
• overloaded wastewater treatment lagoons (bad smells, purple bacteria, duckweed, non-compliant discharges)


How it works :

It increases the dissolved oxygen rate in the water column. This allows to preserve the aquatic fauna and flora biodiversity. The proliferation of unwanted species is limited by its slow mixing, which guarantees the balance of the aquatic environment.


Benefits :

• energy-autonomy (100% renewable energies in solar mode)
• low electric consumption if connected to the grid (power : 0,5 kW)
• mixes up to 2500 m3/h
• no resuspending
• no operating costs (solar mode)
• quick to install, without lifting means
• anchoring in any point of the waterbody
• easily removable
• reliable
• strong (resists to heavy winds conditions)
• efficient, even in cloudy weather conditions
• anti-theft system (for solar panels)
• solar panels can be set up on the water or on the ground
• available customisation (colors, advertising)
• according to local policies, subsidies can be granted
• available for purchase or rent


Waterbodies :

• limits the growth of invasive water plants
• increases the dissolved oxygen rate in deep waters
• fish kills control
• bad smells control
• preserves biodiversity
• limits pathogenic bacteria (E. Coli,...)
• delays water frozen up (can be usefull for improving artificial snow production)


Sewage lagoons :

• limits purple bacteria
• odor control
• eliminates dead zones
• avoids azolla and duckweed profusion
• increases the wastewater load capacity (up to double)