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Oxygenate your waterbodies with solar energy.

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Technical specifications :

Building materials : stainless steel, anodized aluminum
Floats : DHPE
Propeller : stainless steel
Propeller shaft : no greasing required
Motor : thermal protection
Photovoltaic panels : 6 solar panels with waterproof connectors
Solar panels performance warranty : 20 years
Converter : electronic system protected in sealed case
Emergency power shutdown
Warranty : 2 years
Size : length/width/height : 3m/1,8m/2m
Weight : 200 kg



The SUNGO is designed for waterbodies which present eutrophication signs. These symptoms shouldn't be neglected : algal blooms, fish kills, bad smells... may endanger a lake and forbid any recreational use.

The SUNGO allows to increase the dissolved oxygen concentration rate in the water column, thus preserving aquatic biodiversity. The growth of invasive species is limited by the SUNGO’s slow mixing, which ensures the biological balance of the waterbody.

Benefits :

• energy-autonomy, 100% renewable energies
• according to local policies, subsidies can be granted
• available for purchase or rental
• powerful
• no operating costs
• quick to install, no required lifting device
• anchoring in any point of the waterbody
• easily removable
• reliable
• strong (resists to heavy winds conditions)
• efficient, even in cloudy conditions
• customizable (colors, advertising, …)


• growth control of invasive plant species
• dissolved oxygen increase
• fish kills prevention
hydrogen sulfide odor prevention
• favors the preservation of biodiversity
• pathogenic bacteria control (E. Coli …)

The SUNGO is efficient even in cloudy or foggy conditions. However its performances increase with sunlight, what suits your waterbodie's needs : indeed, the periods of high solar irradiation are most of the time the worst for eutrophicated waterbodies.